Back Taxes

If you owe back taxes or have delinquent returns, the most important step is to address the issue immediately. The tax professionals at bci|cp will help you determine how the back tax balance occurred and if, in fact, the tax debt that is being reported is actually the amount owed. Many times we find out that back tax balances are based on incorrectly filed or unfiled tax returns. If it is determined that there is an outstanding tax liability, the tax experts at bci|cpa can provide you with the best tax settlement options available for resolving the balance of taxes that you or your company owe.

If you are a business owner or an individual who owes back taxes, the licensed CPAs, Enrolled Agents and other tax experts at bci|cpa will provide you with the competence and knowledge that you expect. Call us now at (949) 266-3040 or email us at to stop the accumulation of penalties and interest, halt collection activity and allow us to figure out which tax settlement plan will be best work best for you.

Call us today for immediate help with resolving your tax problem. Our professionals have helped numerous individuals and businesses with crippling back tax bills settle for a very small portion of the amount of the amount owed. We will assist you with the implementing the best tax settlement option for your specific situation.